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 The GCT Grand Clan Tournaments

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PostSubject: The GCT Grand Clan Tournaments    Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:12 am

The GCT Was Created by Me RoRoUrBoat1 GCT Stands for Grand Clan Tournaments.
The GCT is a Site where you can join numerous tournaments and compete against other clans and against other people it is a very fun and organized community where we would like to welcome racers to the Enjoyment of all of our tournaments!

Go to the website Tournaments : GCT and Register then sign yourself up for the GCT Blue Tournament (Singles) And Also For Clans Sign up for the GCT. Rules for joining are on the website.
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PostSubject: Re: The GCT Grand Clan Tournaments    Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:03 am

I can't tell if your trying to aid us or trying to take members. But I firmly believe you are just aiding us. It's gunna be hard to get that site going my man look how hard it is for us. Sounds like an excellent idea if u can get it rolling

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The GCT Grand Clan Tournaments
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