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PostSubject: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!   Sat Nov 07, 2009 12:46 am

Me and my friend beat the campaign and i will tell you it is the best campaign for a shooter game.

It starts of with Soap Roach and Ghost and there hunting down makarav. Meanwhile the spetnaz attacks the US from virginia to DC and you are fighting in the backyards of america. Then the fight is directed to DC.

Meanwhile soap and roach are freeing a prisoner at this castle, that may have intel on makarav. the prisoner is... Caption Price. you and the gang help stop a emp launch but fail the emp hits DC.

In DC the russians have taken over the white house. In one last attempt you retake it just before it is tourched by american fighters. It leaves a heavy suspence because you sergent says. "When are we going to Moscow?"

Now Roach and Ghost are retriving some intel in Afganastand, and General Sheaperd is along sode him with american reinforcements. You bring him the intel and he shoots you and ghost, throughs you in a pit, dumps gasoline on you and watches you burn.

Now soap and price go on a wilder adventure to stop sheapeard. An injured soap sees a injured general and he slowly walks towards him with a knife in hand. Sheapard blocks his blow and stabs soap in the chest. Right before the general is about to shoot soap, price saves the day and tackles him. The general is about to kill you both but you eject the blade from your chest and through it at the generals head.

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