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 My top 5 zelda

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PostSubject: My top 5 zelda   Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:11 pm


5. Lakebed Temple - Twilight princess
4. Water Temple- ocarina of time
3. Fire Temple- Twilight Princess
2. Fire Tempe- Ocarinna of time
1. DEsert Temple- Ocarinna of time


5. Boomerang- Both Zeldas
4. Dominian Rod
3. Ball n Chain
2. Bow
1. Double Clawshots


5. Ganondorf
4. Zant
3. The drangon in the sky temple
2. The dragon in the fire te,mple from Ocarina
1. Which sisers in the spirit temple.


5. ReDeads- Humping FTW!!!
4. Stafolos
3. the lizard guys with swords
2. Those Ice guys in twilight princess

Sub Bosses

5. Big Goron- TWilight princess
4. Invisible Swordsman- Twilight rincess
3. Dark Hamer- Twilight Princess
2. Iron Knuckle- Ocariona of time
1. Dark Link- Orcariona of time


5. Ordon Sword
4. Light Master sword
3. Big Goron Sword
2. Koroki Sword
1. Mastersword

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My top 5 zelda
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