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 koluigi's averagly normal, very different, crazy, journal of journey

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Postkoluigi's averagly normal, very different, crazy, journal of journey

ok finally out.let me get started with the normal stuff.
rock band-finish hard and expert on drums and guitar.
super smash bros brawl-beat boss battles on intense
the conduit reach rank 25

pokemon platinum-completed trying to catch them all

gameboy mirco
pokemon firered-get all pokemon you can get in the game without trade.

Halo 3-completed
Halo odst- firefight achievements other than that completed
Halo reach- not buying dlc but continuing to level up
assassin creed- completed
assassin creed 2- completed
assassin creed brotherhood- completed
modern warefare 2- trying to get impossible challenges other than that fully completed
black ops- get to fifteenths prestige
castle crashers- completed
naruto rise of a ninja- completed
guitar hero world tour- completed
mirrors edge- story line completed
midnight club los angeles- completed
gears of war 2- completed unless i want to continue to level up
pure/lego batman- epic fail
marvel ultimate alliance-????
crackdown- completed
crackdown 2- completed
dance central- play rest of songs on hard
kinect adventures- finish play through
fable 3- completed


gameboy advance
fire emblem- chapter 28
fire emblem: the sacred stone- finished
legend of zelda:minished cap- halfway through
kingdom hearts chain of memories- run through
shaman king- trying to beat the game
kirby nightmare in dreamland- world 2 or something

unlike most thread mines is just more then keeping stats.i add some raps and game ideas and a whole lot more.

epic fail-if your going to f**k up anyway you might as well f**k it up in such a way that it leaves people wondering how in the f**k did you do that!

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koluigi's averagly normal, very different, crazy, journal of journey :: Comments

ok i have just played some more rock band.since i cant finish the last 3 songs on hard run to the hills...ect on either drums and guitar i moved on to expert.funny thing is the songs i finished on one instrument im trouble having in the other.anyways i only played guitar today and i already did 22 songs.

im planning to trade more pokemon to my pearl.xbox360 not working Sad instead of the red ring of death on the xbox i think i got it on the power cord Mad
your blog is too average nobodys posting cept u lol
Chaos171 wrote:
your blog is too average nobodys posting cept u lol
Sad well today i played castle crasher and got to level three....then i played some pearl then i fell asleep Sad Crying or Very sad
ok im finally back to kick some tail
so far:
rock band i got maps on expert in bass(that not cool but its kool to me)
smash bros:i finally got a good connection so i get to play basic brawl and team brawl.anyways i win some i lose some but its fun.

xbox 360:
castle crasher so far i think i finish at least 16 characters in story mode.i got my red knight to 99 and finish it on insane mode.i just need to get a few more characters.

halo- i got a simple achievement

tales of vesperia spoiler spoiler if you going to buy the game(i bet your not) then dont read.
let me start from the beggining.
i start as yuri lowell.my home town que barrier was stolen.so i go on a adventure to get it back.i meet 3 other characters helping towns get back to peace.i team up with this random guy and my enemey thats been destroying blastias.i fight these evil dudes.this one dude is crazy he dieing to kill somebody and all but i defeat him.now im in a tower trying to destroy a blastia myself.

did i forgot to mension that after playing 12 hours of the game i only got 3 achievements?
rawr this journal is so old...reminds me of rosarchs journal....anyways i completed most of the games on the list

the conduit i am at rank 21 out of 24(i think)
super smash bros brawl im just showing some pictures

pokemon platinum finished the game a long time ago just trying to get some more pokemon.

Xbox 360
i finished almost all the games on my list.the two closes games i have to getting all the achievements are assassins creed 2 and modern warefare.trying to solo echo to get star 69 cuase i dont have live.pretty board

Gaiaonline made 2 guilds well theres not goal to be the best or get everything becuase its just a community game.i play this game everyday.

hmmmm lately i been losing interest im many things hopefully ill get back into it.next time-k.o
yesterday i had the chance to play with a employee from infinity ward.you know how yo cant change your color on mw2 well his was green and i was like oooooo then he was on my team and he was trying to get a nuke and he ended up i think 21-2 while i was running around with a riot shield
Thats a lot of stuff. What happens when you finish everything?
Lord Revan67 wrote:
Thats a lot of stuff. What happens when you finish everything?
by finish everything you mean each game a specific game or what?
All the stuff you have on your list to do.
well most of them i just lvl up and do you really want me to ruin the endings for ya.i dont really play most of the games after i finish them
koluigi wrote:
well most of them i just lvl up and do you really want me to ruin the endings for ya.i dont really play most of the games after i finish them
that sounds pretty cool and interesting keep it up.
well the blog is updated and let me give you some summarizes on specific games.

black ops- even through i have not been able to play on my xbox lately i still been leveling up doing team deathmatch and groundwar.i been trying to get the upgraded perks.

fire emblem-i reach chapter 28( i think) not losing any characters (why it too so long =/) and will continue to level up the characters i know and love.

kingdom hearts- helping sora regain his memories. i think i am on floor..... i don't even know the floors but im pretty sure im somewhat halfway through.

shaman king- i got to the first boss, died and forgot to save. i will try again when i feel like it.

minish cap- and am doing a dry run through as i type this.

more updates later... stay tune!!!!
fire emblem- completed owned everyone

fire emblem sacred stones- completed both stories; one on hard...ridiculous basically got everyone to there max

kingdom hearts- playing around trying to level up so i can own the boss....missing a card or two

shaman king- -.-

minish cap- i amazingly got halfway through the game without using a guide or anything and im lost again.

harvest moon: fomt- got married finished the game basically

Kirby nightmare in dreamland- just having fun

Black ops- leveled up need to get back into it

koluigi's averagly normal, very different, crazy, journal of journey

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