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 Hardcore Search and Destroy guide to sucess CoD4

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PostSubject: Hardcore Search and Destroy guide to sucess CoD4   Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:27 am


S&D 1 of the most liked and hated modes of CoD4. It is 1 shot kill with almost everything, no HUD, no map. If your the team with the bomb have 1 guy shoot randomly to get everyones attention.(all the noobs will be dieng to get a +50 kill) mean while u got a sniper 2 rushers and 2 normal people. (bomb squad) Wen u are about to plant the bomb. the rushers should be destroyed or destroy the surrounding claymores, and campers. while the bomb squad plants el bomb. wen its planted. set C4 and claymores alll around it. and find a good camping place.


Now if your defending....camp.

set claymores around the 2 bomb targets. Use a m14 ACOG or some kind of moble sniping weapon. use overkill to get a mp5 too. set up good camping spots around the targets.

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Hardcore Search and Destroy guide to sucess CoD4
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