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 CoD4 M4 guide

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PostSubject: CoD4 M4 guide   Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:20 am


1. M4 red dot, m9, bandolier, Stoping power, steady aim.

Now the red dot site is very awsome. Its easy to use, plus with the M4's range ability its awsome. the m4 is a good mid 15- 35lvl weapon. If u are using steady aim hip fire its very accurate.

With the silencer...... ermmm dont use it it sucks.

With the nube tube(nade launcher) u got to be good with the iron sights. the nube tube, can be used to flush a sniper out or blow up a car and move your team. its a very good attachment.

the ACOG scope is odd. it is good if u know how to use it. personly i dont like it. its moves to much. but on the other hand it is like a sniper.

the m4 is a good rushing gun 2. if ur the guy who runs gets killed 10 times a game and rushes every time u responfd then the m4 is your gun.

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CoD4 M4 guide
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