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Each user can only have one topic and its name should be [Insert Name here's] Thread or something like that

in it u can post about whatever u r doing that is games related
by Chaos171 - Comments: 8 - Views: 369

I just updated the games list to the best of my abilities now...there are more Wii/360 games I have that aren't on this list. I've played games a lot less the past year with college and other things taking up my time. Getting a year of live was probably not worth it at all.
by Linkrules08 - Comments: 141 - Views: 3516

fire emblem- completed owned everyone

fire emblem sacred stones- completed both stories; one on hard...ridiculous basically got everyone to there max

kingdom hearts- playing around trying to level up so i can own the boss....missing a card or two

shaman king- -.-

minish cap- i amazingly got halfway through the game without using a guide or anything and im lost again.

harvest moon: fomt- got married finished the game basically

Kirby nightmare in dreamland- just having fun

Black ops- leveled up need to get back into it
by koluigi - Comments: 13 - Views: 1900

heavy rain is a good game but its more like a movie to me
by Aston_Martin_DB9 - Comments: 164 - Views: 2816

Its a blog that fucks mothers
you should also post about other games you have and are currently playing
by ZaK - Comments: 1 - Views: 341

Yeah,so everyones talking bout how many prestiges and stuff and all that dog crap.You need skill,zombie blasting weaponry,and a piece of mind(and a PS3)-Lets have a competition!Comp is,Nazi Zombies,highest round,CoD:WaW multiplayer match,Free for all mayb
Yeah,so everyones talking bout how many prestiges and stuff and all that dog crap.You need skill,zombie blasting weaponry,and a piece of mind(and a PS3)-Lets have a competition!Comp is,Nazi Zombies,highest round,CoD:WaW multiplayer match,Free for all maybes,and cud put us into team all right?If I get bout 7people or more then its team games and nazi zombies(Nacht der Untoten)
by doddzeh - Comments: 0 - Views: 510

bennyboy2600 wrote:
Dude roller coaster tycoon is freakin sweet, If you are waiting for a game to come out and you need a game to satisfy your hunger get roller coaster tycoon 3 cuz its one of my favorite pc games, but medieval II total war is better.

i never play pc games i have some but i dont find them fun really
by bennyboy2600 - Comments: 10 - Views: 1087

Maruto wrote:
koluigi wrote:
it is execpt when you dont understand the story mode

story mode on its wierd, but I don't pay attention to tetris story... its too wierd

i never played tetris i dont think
by Maruto - Comments: 27 - Views: 958

shotty53 wrote:
koluigi wrote:
nice go expand your library with different genre and such

i do like a genre of games im just not into such ones like sports games becuase they get boring sometimes

thats why i play actual sports in real life
by shotty53 - Comments: 3 - Views: 377

ive had THREE triple hitmarkers on cod4 Sad
my k/d on my new account is 4.70 lol
by Link3618 - Comments: 13 - Views: 989

no wonder he was always avoiding the question well at least i got a answer from you
by Iec - Comments: 29 - Views: 774

Its because i was moving my xbox around while the disk is inside. The scratch it gets from that is hard to remove.
by Lord Revan67 - Comments: 21 - Views: 633

Link3618 wrote:
Feb 9

Just got data minor perk

Found Unique Spiked Knuckles (idk wat they are called lol)

Only 3 more bobbleheads (Sneak- Yao Gui tunnles) (Science- Vault 108) (Agility- greener postures disposal site)

my friend has this game they say its good but i dont get the shooting part where it shows you the accuracy and all...you get to pick your own ways but yea...
by Link3618 - Comments: 4 - Views: 336

Game Library updated, today's post.
by SmashHero24 - Comments: 56 - Views: 1232

OK, i am now level 60 in cod:WaW, been using STG-44, revolver,frag grenade, gas grenade, bouncing betties but sometimes bomb squad, juggernaut (stopping power while sniping), secong chance, unless no1 uses it, then deep impact i guess

still cant beat green grass and high tides on expert, or constant motion, beat B.Y.O.B on expert, a DLC song, freaking crazy, almost FCed Mississippi Queen, missed 1 FREAKING NOTE, with JUST 10 NOTES LEFT :x
by Slayer9498 - Comments: 35 - Views: 933

Link3618 wrote:
Brawl wtf lolz

his topic his game..they should have made boss battles online co-op and maybe adventure mode..maybe
by Chaos171 - Comments: 43 - Views: 1273

I think I know a guy, but I haven't talked to my online buddies in a while, been too busy.
by Link3618 - Comments: 57 - Views: 1020

KingOfKings wrote:
yeah im planning on getting live, and btw is assassin's creed any good? a friend of mine told me it was "OK"

Make full use of the reviews section and read my review on Assasins Creed.
by KingOfKings - Comments: 6 - Views: 793

im on my wii with no key board so its hard
by Dizzay08 - Comments: 8 - Views: 367

Dizzay08 wrote:

Ya seriously, they make them to stay motivated.
by Kenshi - Comments: 11 - Views: 325
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